Let there be light

Omur Sezerman, President, OZ Optics, provided the following testimonial letter regarding their experience with a CO2 composite spray cleaning system for cleaning electro-optical devices during manufacturing.

“I want to thank you for introducing the CO2 composite spray cleaning technology to OZ Optics, Limited (OZ Optics).  OZ Optics is a leading worldwide supplier of fiber optic products for existing and next-generation optical networks. In addition to designing and manufacturing components and test equipment for fiber optic markets, the company has also been very active in developing fiber optic sensors for remote monitoring of oil pipelines, wells, bridges, dams, airplanes, and other large structures.

We have determined that CO2 composite spray cleaning technology is very useful as an alternative to alcohol and manual wipe cleaning techniques to remove polishing residues, dust particles and fingerprints from our optical components during manufacturing and test operations.  We have successfully used this technology in combination with custom fixtures to develop proprietary cleaning processes for several of our commercial products.  These have included polished fiber optical surfaces, lenses and optomechanical assemblies.  CO2 composite spray cleaning is used to enhance light transmittance, increase power handling of high powered laser optics, prepare surfaces for optical coating, and to ensure long term stability and functionality of critical optical components.

The CO2 composite spray cleaning technology minimizes the use of organic cleaning solvents and other conventional optical cleaning products.  The technology eliminates smearing and re-deposition of cleaning residues and can clean a variety of fiber and lens geometries.  Our traditional optical device cleaning method uses an ultrasonic bath, which typically employs several steps including rinsing and drying.  With the new dry, non-contact CO2 composite spray cleaning process, precision cleaning time has been reduced from 10% to 40% depending upon the particular component cleaning application.

In closing, the CO2 composite spray cleaning technology has been a very positive addition to our optical device manufacturing line, providing superior cleaning performance, decreasing the cost of production, and contributing to a cleaner working environment.  We look forward to purchasing additional CO2 precision cleaning equipment from your organization.”

Omur Sezerman
OZ Optics
Ottawa, ON Canada

Letter to Cleanlogix LLC, July 31, 2009