Our company has more than 25 years of experience developing and implementing innovative and effective CO2 clean manufacturing technology for both large and small businesses. We have a lot of bright ideas; tools, technology, training, expertise and experience to help sustain your business. CleanLogix works with you to specify, build, validate and implement state-of-the-art lean and green manufacturing technology (CleanTech). Our business is about reducing your manufacturing waste (i.e., lowering production costs) using best available CleanTech.

We are experts in precision cleaning and contamination control with experience with and knowledge in a diverse range of precision cleaning technologies such as solvent cleaning, aqueous cleaning, semi-aqueous cleaning, plasma and UV-O3 cleaning, precision drying, clean environments and practices, and clean packaging. We focus on lean and green cleaning implementation strategies – recovery and recycling technology, process optimization, and waste minimization. We also are specialists in cleanroom practices, minienvironment design, and contamination analysis – identification and quantification. Our core competency is the transformation of your precision cleaning operations using lean and green CO2 CleanTech, and specifically using our exclusive CO2 Processer Units (CPU®).

Our products and services improve your bottom line. We deliver real, measurable value in the form of improved manufacturing productivity and product quality. Our products and services lower energy consumption, eliminate water usage and wastewater production, resolve air pollution and nuisance odor issues, shrink material and labor inputs and reduce many other forms of manufacturing waste. We help you implement effective lean and green manufacturing methods and processes, and develop clean-enabled assembly tools that produce products at lower cost and with less environmental pollution. We also help you develop unique manufacturing strategies which serve as intellectual property that strengthens your competitive position.