PurCO2™ carbon dioxide (CO2) fluids delivery, purification, and recycling systems are specifically designed to work with our various commercial CO2 cleaning and machining fluid systems.

PurCO2 delivery systems provide a continuous supply of high pressure CO2 from a bulk supply of low pressure (nominally 300 psig) gas. Compressed gas and liquid is optionally stored in a temperature-controlled ASME rated stainless steel supply tank, the outlet of which provides regulated high pressure CO2 gas (or liquid) as needed for a particular CO2 system. A typical delivery system incorporates dual pneumatic pumps and various controls to allow a pump to operate intermittently to extend the time between required preventive maintenance operations. PurCO2 delivery systems automatically determine the need for maintenance and switch over to the secondary pump.

PurCO2 purification systems convert inexpensive cylinder or bulk industrial CO2 supply gas (800 psi) into high quality (99.99%) liquid CO2 suitable for the most demanding precision cleaning applications. PurCO2 purification systems are available in two configurations – Standard or Ultra – to produce high quality liquid carbon dioxide.   The PurCO2 Standard CO2 purification system uses 0.5 micron (vapor and liquid) filtration.  The PurCO2 Ultra features 0.003 micron (vapor and liquid) fluids filtration.

PurCO2 recycling systems are integral to our Centrifugal CO2 immersion treatment systems. Following centrifugal CO2 immersion treatment processes, contaminant-laden liquid CO2 is transferred from the centrifugal cleaning system into a distillation tank for recovery operations. The recycling system separates non-volatile contamination (and additives) from the liquid CO2 through phase change (liquidàgas), which is removed as a drag-out through a distillation tank blow down operation. Recovered CO2 gas is media treated, microfiltered, condensed, and transferred into a clean liquid CO2 holding tank for reuse. PurCO2 recycling systems are capable of economically recovering 90%-95% of the CO2 for reuse and can be operated in a batch or continuous operation.

PurCO2 Fluids Management Technology