Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is produced as a waste by-product of many industrial processes and is captured and repurposed (aka “Recycled CO2”) as a valuable resource for high-tech or high reliability product manufacturing applications. Liquid, solid, plasma, and supercritical CO2 are used to provide both stand-alone and tool-integrated precision cleaning, extraction, disinfection, modification, cooling, and lubrication functions. Moreover, CO2 technology works synergistically with innovative process adjuncts such as atmospheric plasma, Laser, and robotic automation to provide highly robust processing platforms. Effectively implemented, CO2 technology significantly reduces multiple forms of lean and green manufacturing wastes including factory space, labor, material inputs, processing time, energy, wastewater, and other non-productive by-products.


Our company founder has pioneered the development of practical and effective CO2-based manufacturing solutions since 1984. Our experience comprises more than 30 years of CO2 technology and applications development, numerous commercial products and accessories, and a comprehensive and growing patent portfolio. Our proprietary products and processes utilize recycled CO2 as a precision cleaning spray, immersion cleaning and extraction solvent, surface modification agent, and machining coolant. Our innovative clean manufacturing solutions address a variety of production cleaning, thermal control, and machining problems for high-tech and high-reliability product manufacturers.


Our eco-friendly and highly adaptive CO2 solutions have solved a wide-range of contamination problems arising during the production of high-tech or high-reliability products in manufacturing industries such as Hard Disk Drive, Aerospace, Microelectronics, Medical, and Automotive. Our cleaning, cooling, and surface modification solutions are outstanding manufacturing sustainability tools for reducing manufacturing waste such as time, energy, labor, material, and space, while improving product manufacturing yields, quality, and productivity.