Our present-day company has its roots going all the way back to 1984 at Hughes Aircraft. While employed with Hughes, our Founder and President (Mr. David Jackson) developed and patented the first liquid and supercritical CO2 precision cleaning processes for preparing materials and subassemblies used in Space-based communications and defense systems. Upon leaving Hughes in 1989, Mr. Jackson founded his first CO2 business venture (DEFLEX) in his garage where he developed the original centrifugal liquid CO2 extraction system and process (DEnseFLuid EXtraction). The first commercial Centrifugal CO2™ precision degreaser called the SuperFuge™ was introduced in 1994. During the 1990’s Mr. Jackson and his team continued to innovate – introducing the first CO2 Composite Spray™ cleaning system called the MicroSno™. These first commercial cleaning systems were developed as alternatives to ozone-depleting immersion and spray cleaning solvents such as Freon® and TCE. Hundreds of CO2 cleaning products (mostly MicroSno™ spray cleaning systems) were delivered to leading companies (early-adopters) such as Gillette-PaperMate, Pentel, Delphi Automotive, TRW, IBM, Read-Rite, Hutchinson, Maxtor, Seagate, Western Digital, and many others in the automotive, HDD, fiber-optic, and precision manufacturing industries.

Mr. Jackson founded CleanLogix as a CO2 technology licensing venture in 2004, subsequently licensing the company’s CO2 technology portfolio – including commercial products, trademarks, customers, and applications – to a Minnesota start-up company (Cool Clean) in 2005, for which Mr. Jackson served as Chief Technology Officer. In 2011, the licensing agreement was terminated by CleanLogix to pursue an alternative CO2 business model.

CleanLogix is implementing a new product licensing strategy – providing OEMs, custom machine builders, and other value-added resellers with standardized CO2 integration modules called a CO2 Processer Unit (CPU®) under market- and application-segmented licenses along with technical support services. Each CPU® represents a building block for a particular CO2 process and incorporates our extensive experience, knowledge and patented technology for various markets and applications. CPU® systems and technical support are offered under exclusive and non-exclusive licenses and supply contracts.

As part of this business development strategy, we offer our own products and brands directly to end-users for various unlicensed markets and applications as a primary method for developing the CPU® program. In addition, we represent and distribute limited but synergistic clean manufacturing products such as OSEE non-contact surface quality inspection systems.