• Mobile CO2 Composite Spray™ cleaning systems for the factory.
  • MoBi™ Pro with refillable cylinder-on-board and PurCO2™ Recharger and MoBi™ Basic with exchangeable CO2 cylinder.
  • Compact, customizable, and lightweight design uses exclusive Vector Pro™ CO2 Composite Spray technology for the ultimate mobile spray economy and cleaning power.
  • LightSPEC™ – photometric system and software option for monitoring CO2 spray dynamics (MoBi™ Pro Standard Equipment).
  • CleanCell™ – custom cleaning cabinets and shrouds for cleanroom-safe spray cleaning.
  • PurCO2™ Recharger – CO2 purification and recharger system.
  • Inside the Production Tool
  • On the Production Line
  • Parts Transfer Tools
  • Tool Blocks and Fixtures
  • On the Workbench
  • Molds and Presses
  • Robot End-of-Arm Tools
MoBi™ Mobile CO2 Composite Spray System