Precision Cleaning

Precision Cleaning

Surface contamination is a major cause of quality problems during the manufacture of miniaturized, high-reliability electrical, optical and mechanical systems. This usually necessitates precision cleaning operations to remove contamination during critical assembly operations. While there are numerous precision cleaning methods, agents, and equipment types, no one approach represents a panacea for the removal of all possible contamination.

Precision cleaning is an important component of a contamination control program that includes product handling and packaging, controlled environments, ESD control, and proper operator practices. It becomes necessary, therefore, to examine the entire manufacturing process to determine the proper course of action – recommending changes (wherever possible) to contaminating activities and recommending the best contamination control solution.

We develop precision cleaning solutions that consider all aspects of contamination control technology.  Our premier CO2 technologies include CO2 Composite Spray™ and Centrifugal CO2.  In addition, environmental control and ionization may be recommended with our green manufacturing equipment. We may also recommend new technology for analyzing surface contamination. Finally our assessment may determine that robotic automation provides the optimum quality, consistency and through-put needed for your particular manufacturing operation.

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