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Benchtop, Floor, Machine and Mobile Solutions (Korea)

Biomechatronic Co., Ltd. (Biomec) has been a contract CO2 cleaning system manufacturer or reseller for Cleanlogix since 2011 for the SnoPen™, PowerSno™, and OZPEN™ products. Currently serving as an exclusive CPU® supplier and reseller partner for the Korean market, Biomec develops precision cleaning applications for semiconductor chips, CMOS IS, LCD panel, and as well as OLED. In addition, Biomec builds custom CPU® Powered products for these applications and provides quality technical support services.

  • OZPen™

Private-label benchtop manual spray cleaning system supplier (only) to OZ Optics for precision fiber optical device cleaning applications.

  • SnoPen™

Benchtop manual spray cleaning systems supplier and reseller for R&D, low volume production, and process development applications.

  • PowerSno™ VP (Spray Modules)

Rack-mounted spray module supplier (only) for CleanLogix exclusive PowerSno™ VP platform for product manufacturers (end-users) and original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

  • KinetX™

Centrifugal liquid and supercritical CO2 immersion system supplier and reseller for degreasing, outgassing, and disinfecting bulk parts and materials.

  • Accessories

LightSPEC™ Photometric Analyzers and Vector Pro™ customized-to-order CO2 composite spray applicators.

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