• Dry, recyclable, non-toxic, parts-safe, and biocompatible pre-wash solvent blend for challenging cleaning applications such as varnish removal, defluxing, and bio-burden reduction (i.e., BET).
  • Combines the synergistic actions of solvent chemistry, ozone, ultraviolet light, and (optional) utlrasonics.
  • Novel self-cleaning mechanism contaminants dissolved within the Xerosol™ fluid are decomposed by advanced UV-ozonolytic processes into harmless and filterable by-products.
  • Xerosol™ fluids are recovered for reuse using CO2 Composite Spray™ or Centrifugal CO2 immersion rinsing, air-blow-off, or vacuum recovery.
  • LightSPEC™ photometric analysis of Xerosol™ fluid.
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