• Proactive CO2 Composite Spray™ generation and control technology.
  • Ultra-stable, ultra-lean, and highly energetic cleaning, cooling, and lubricating sprays.
  • Controlled particle impact sheer stresses of up to 100 MPa (~15,000 psi) using between 0.5 to 2 lbs CO2/hour/nozzle with precise pneumatic metering control (Patents-Pending).
  • Vulconization™ 2-D – In-situ UV/O3 or atmospheric plasma surface treatment option for surface modifications.
  • LightSPEC™ photometric system and software option for monitoring and controlling CO2 spray dynamics.

Up to 4x the cleaning area using about half as much CO2 at 2x the spray power!

Vector Pro CO2 Composite Spray Technology
CPU Performance Comparison Chart