U.S. Patent 6,656,017


Method and apparatus for creating an open cell micro-environment for treating a substrate with an impingement spray

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David Jackson

Date Issued

December 2, 2003

Technology Platform

CO2 Composite Spray™

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U.S. Patent No. 6,656,017


The present invention is a method and apparatus for providing a low-cost and less complex micro-environment for treating a substrate using an impingement cryogenic or steam spray jet. A substrate and fixture is contained within an open-architecture prophylactic or cleaning cell whereupon the substrate and fixture is continuously bathed in a regenerated and re-circulating stream of filtered, inert, dry, heated and ionized atmosphere which bathes both the entire substrate and fixture. This prevents the intrusion of contaminating ambient atmospheres onto critical surfaces. The cleaning cavity is constantly regenerated and re-circulated through the cleaning cell to maintain a majority of the clean atmosphere wherein the clean cavity is pressurized slightly with a small volume of clean dry air or inert gas to prevent the intrusion of ambient atmosphere into the cleaning cell. A small exhaust duct removes the partial pressure of atmosphere from the open regions of the cleaning cavity, capturing the escaping cavity atmosphere. The exemplary spray cleaning applicator of the present invention provides a majority of the make-up atmosphere required to operate the cleaning cell. The treated surface is thus isolated and protected from the ambient atmosphere and contaminants contained therein prior to, during and following application of a treatment spray. The present invention allows for the simultaneous application of a variety of conventional surface treatment agents such as dry steam or snow to a critical surface. Finally, the present invention controls and maintains the quality of the environment immediately within the vicinity of the substrate being treated, and the ambient atmosphere.

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