Optical Residues


Fiber Optic Residues

Contamination Challenge

During polishing , assembly, test, or day-to-day use of fiber optical devices, the various light-transmitting surfaces and interfaces become contaminated with particles, polishing compounds, adhesives, and fingerprints. This contamination must be removed from the light-transmitting surfaces to prevent obscuration or attenuation of light. If not removed, surface contamination can induce damage to the optical surfaces from high energy Laser light heating or may cause signal-loss with downstream systems.


Manual CO2 Composite Spray™ cleaning process and system.

  • Benchtop spray cleaning system with footswitch control
  • Single CO2 composite spray applicator – pendant style
  • Local exhaust plenum to remove contamination
  • 100% dry processing – Dry-In/Dry-Out
  • Selective cleaning (contaminated optical surfaces)
  • Low operational cost
  • Faster and safer than manual wiping processes (no scratching of optics)