Laser Welding Residue


Laser Welding

Contamination Challenge

A Laser-based welding process causes the formation of a brown metallic oxide soot uniformly distributed on the exterior surfaces of the titanium alloy electrode surface. The oxide soot is produced during melting of the titanium alloy electrode and attachment to a mating connector body. The oxide soot is toxic to the human body and must be removed from multiple welded electrodes attached to a connector assembly prior to the next step in the device fabrication process.


Robotic CO2 Composite Spray™ cleaning process and system.

  • Cartesian robot-based surface cleaning system
  • Robot has an end-of-arm spray tool (EOAT ) comprising a single CO2 composite spray applicator
  • Cleaning cell with a surrounding exhaust manifold
  • 100% dry processing – Dry-In/Dry-Out
  • Selective cleaning (contaminated electrodes and connector body)
  • Automated cleaning of complex surface features
  • Low operational cost
  • Minimal labor input