Diamond Industrial Tool (DiT) is a specialist in precision abrasive grinding applications. DiT is a value-added specialty source for abrasives, diamond dressers, precision grinding wheels, grinding machines, accessories and related equipment including.

DiT is our value-added reseller of our dry and near-dry Tunable MQCL™ technology for superhard machining and precision abrasive grinding applications in North America, and offer the following CPU® Powered products and accessories.


Tunable MQCL™ spray coolant system for dry (CO2-Air) and near-dry (CO2-Air-MQL) machining and grinding of superhard materials.

PurCO2™ Satellite

Remote liquid CO2 delivery system for multiple OzoKool™ machining and grinding system installations.


Triox™ Oxygenated Lubricants and customized-to-order OzoKool™ spray coolant applicators for hard machining and precision abrasive grinding tool adaptations.


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