PlasmaTreat is a specialist in plasma treatment of surfaces in preparation for any variety of bonding processes. Plasma is capable of changing the surface condition of all kinds of materials and is being used today in thousands of industrial applications to clean, pretreat and coat manufactured and even natural surfaces. Plasma technology used in combination with CO2 technology offers practically unlimited possibilities for designing safe and reproducible cleaning and surface modification processes. In most areas, CO2-Plasma hybrid technology can replace complex and environmentally harmful methods.

PlasmaTreat is our value-added reseller in North America for hybrid Particle–Plasma™ processes and equipment to solve the most challenging surface bonding problems, and offer the following CPU® Powered products and accessories.

OpenAir® Hybrid Particle-Plasma™

Fully-automated atmospheric plasma treatment systems with integrated (rack-mounted) CO2 composite spray cleaning module (PowerSno™ VP).

PurCO2™ Fluids Management Systems

CO2 process fluids delivery, recycling, and purification systems.


LightSPEC™ Photometric Analyzers and Vector Pro™ customized-to-order CO2 composite spray applicators.

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