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In the past century machining has witnessed an increasing demand for faster cutting, better finishes and longer tool life, all while machining more demanding materials.  However, these demands are often at odds with one another; faster machining can greatly increase cut temperatures which leads to tool degradation and poor finish, and the need for finishing passes to improve dimensional tolerance and surface finish adds time to production. To accommodate these demands, manufacturing technology has developed advancements in machine tools, machine controls, processing materials, coolant-lubricant chemistries, and cutting tools.  These advancements all address areas where improvement was needed.  However they generally do not address the underlying need to make a machining process cut faster while generating better surface finish with a longer tool life. It is believed that advancements to cooling-lubrication technology could augment new machining technology and allow more aggressive machining of harder and more abrasive materials.

We have introduced a new fully-adjustable minimum quantity cooling-lubrication technology called Tunable MQL™, available in our OzoKool™ product line.  Tunable MQL is a patented and patents-pending process that addresses the diverse machining demands posed by different materials.  Tunable MQL provides the ability to fine-tune critical  machining fluid properties which are optimal for a particular material, tool coating, and cutting process.  Tunable MQL provides independent adjustment of cleaning effects, zone cooling capacity, lubrication chemistry, and gap pressure to optimize the performance and economics of minimum quantity cooling-lubrication.  In addition, we have developed and introduced a new class of bio-based lubricant chemistries called Oxygenated Machining Fluids,  Oxygenated lubricants provide (in-situ) reactive oxygen (Triox™) which is chemically bound to a complex lubricating molecule (and with optional sulfur chemistry).  Triox delivers highly reactive oxygen-carbon/sulfur building blocks that form friction-reducing films on metal surfaces during cutting.

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