Factory-Tool-Line Adapted Solutions

Hitachi High Technologies (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation (Hitachi High-Tech Group) headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.  The Hitachi High-Tech Group has developed a global business around the four segments of Science & Medical Systems, Electronic Device Systems, Industrial Systems and Advanced Industrial Products with the corporate vision of being the leader in high-tech solutions and providing their customers into fast-moving, cutting-edge businesses.

Hitachi High-Tech (Singapore) is a CleanLogix equity partner and global distributor of our unique CPU® Powered products.

CPU® Powered Products

  • PowerSno™ VP

Modular and adaptable CPU® integration platform for high-reliability and high-tech product manufacturers (end-users) and original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

  • Mobi™ VP

Mobile CO2 composite spray cleaning platform for the factory, production lines, and tools.


Fully-automated CO2 composite spray generator for Class 100 precision cleaning in hard disk drive assembly as well as other high-tech product manufacturing applications.

  • Vulcon Ice™

Fully-automated Class 100/10 robotic spray cleaning cells for high-volume precision cleaning operations.

  • KinetX™

Centrifugal liquid and supercritical CO2 immersion systems for degreasing, outgassing, or disinfecting bulk parts and materials.

  • OzoKool™

Tunable MQCL (Minimum Quantity Cooling Lubrication) systems providing through-tool and spray-at-tool CO2-based machining fluids for hard machining and precision abrasive grinding applications.

  • 2Cool Tool™

Infrared (IR) controlled CO2 composite spray cooling systems for thermal management of surfaces during thermal spray coating operations.

  • PurCO2™ Fluids Management Systems

CO2 process fluids delivery, recycling, and purification systems.

  • Accessories

LightSPEC™ Photometric Analyzers and Vector Pro™ customized-to-order CO2 composite spray applicators.

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