CPU® Powered Solutions

CPU® (CO2 Processing Units) are adaptable 2D (selective) and 3D (bulk) surface treatment platforms for original equipment manufacturers, value-add resellers, machine tool and line builders. CPU® can be integrated into virtually any machine, equipment platform, production line and process to provide in-situ dry, clean surface treatment, thermal control, and cooling-lubrication functions. Cellular processes employing CPU® are lean and green, and much more productive because two or more manufacturing operations (i.e., combining value-added and non-value-added operations) can be performed within the same work space. Products don’t have to be removed, transported, processed and returned – resulting in reduced movement, human interaction, higher throughput, and decreased cost-of-ownership. CPU® perform fundamental functions – cleaning, cooling, and surface modification – which improve product yields and manufacturing productivity without producing air pollution, wastewater or solid wastes.

CPU® provide numerous manufacturing sustainability solutions. Lean and green CPU® Powered manufacturing processes minimize negative environmental impacts, conserve energy and natural resources, are safer for employees, communities and consumers, and are economically sound.

Precision Cleaning and Surface Modification

Surface treatment CPU® remove organic and inorganic contamination from products before, during, or following a manufacturing process. Surface Treatment CPU® utilize two core platforms: CO2 Composite Spray™ cleaning and Centrifugal CO2™ immersion cleaning.  In addition, hybrid CO2-Plasma processes provide a complete surface preparation capability.  For example, the Particle-Plasma™ process combines the synergistic and robust capabilities of a CO2 Composite Spray with an atmospheric or corona plasma. Hybrid CPU® provide precision cleaning, microscopic surface roughening, and surface functionalization to prepare surfaces for numerous bonding operations – for example Laser welding, coating, adhesive bonding, and wire bonding.


Cooling-Lubrication CPU® remove thermal contamination from products while providing dry or near-dry friction-reducing lubrication during a machining process. Cooling-Lubrication CPU® utilize CO2 Composite Spray™ technology in combination with proprietary additives which significantly improve dry (and near-dry) hard machining processes such as turning, milling, dicing, and grinding. Cooling-Lubrication CPU® are particularly beneficial for challenging materials such as superhard metals, ceramics, abrasive materials, engineered plastics, and composite materials. Cooling-Lubrication CPU® outperform conventional coolants in terms of tool wear, surface finish, and machining productivity. Expensive cutting tools utilizing polycrystalline diamond (PCD) or cubic boron nitride (CBN) last much longer as compared to, for example, dry machining hard materials such as tungsten carbide using cold air coolant. Added benefits include deeper cutting capability and improved surface finishes.

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