CO2 Composite Spray™

  • Multi-phase CO2 spray compositions for precision cleaning, cooling-lubrication, and surface modification.
  • Independent control of spray pressure, CO2 particle size and mass flow, mixing temperature, and physical, chemical and plasma additives.
  • Controlled particle impact shear stresses of up to 60 MPa (~9000 psi) using between 5 to 20 lbs CO2/hour/nozzle with mechanical micrometering control.
  • Vulconization™ 2-D – In-situ UV/O3 or atmospheric plasma surface treatment option for surface modifications.
  • LightSPEC™ photometric system and software option for monitoring and controlling CO2 spray dynamics.
  • Vector Pro™ Proactive CO2 Composite Spray™ Technology option.
CO2 Composite Spray Cleaning