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Benchtop, Floor, Machine and Mobile Solutions (North America)

Clean Imagineering provides CPU® Powered clean manufacturing solutions for the bench, R&D, and low volume manufacturing. Products include benchtop spray systems and accessories, short-term equipment rentals for technology evaluations, and contract cleaning services for low volume or intermittent production cleaning needs. Other products include non-contact surface quality inspection, benchtop co-bot automation, and 3D printing services.

Clean Imagineering is our North America CO2 technical services provider and value-added reseller, and offer the following CPU® Powered products and services.

  • SnoPen™

Benchtop manual spray cleaning systems for R&D, low volume production, and process development applications.

  • PurCO2™ Fluids Management Systems

Compact pure liquid CO2 generator for the SnoPen™.

  • Rent2Clean™

Short-term process evaluation equipment rentals for CO2 composite spray, OSEE surface inspection, and atmospheric plasma.

  • Contract Services

Low volume parts cleaning and surface preparation, and 3D printing services.

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